Friday, 6 April 2012

Ohh!! Tergempar!


Bekas Kapten pasukan Mancheshit United Bryan Robson percaya Everton mampu mara ke pusingan akhir piala FA. Beliau juga berharap Everton dapat musnahkan impian Liverpool untuk mara ke perlawanan akhir piala FA tersebut.

ni antara petikan beliau.

"I'm hoping Everton beat Liverpool because that game is just before the Old Trafford game and we want them to have their mind on the FA Cup and not on the league at that time."
But he also talked up the prospects of the Toffees who he believes have done well this season. He thinks that they have it in them to win the FA Cup for the first time since 1995. 

"Everton can go all the way in the competition," he said.
"Okay, Liverpool, they're a good team, they've got some good players.
"But Everton, on their day, can beat anybody. 

"I think they're always well organized, they've got some top players and so there's no reason why they can't get through."

p/s : hahaha!! Memang dah dasar Manshit tu Manshit jugak la kan? Ada kitorang kesah?  da team kau da kalah lepas tu nak buat statement macam tu. LoL 



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